Create Abundance In 14 Days



When life is just not flowing and you are tired of struggle.

You need to do something fast to turn it around.

My new programme Create Abundance In 14 Days

is just the thing to start turning it around from 

Day 1.

Everything I share in this programme are things I do myself that have turned me into a fantastic manifester and have created me abundance in all areas of my life.


Here are some of things I have done:

  • 1.


  • 2.

    My dream car in 2 weeks

  • 3.

    A free holiday

  • 4.

    My hot tub

  • 5.

    Better health

  • 6.

    New relationship

  • 7.

    Plus lots of other things too

These manifesting routines will help you start attracting more abundance into your life

- money - love - health -   

I want everyone to have abundance and have created this programme especially for you.


This programme will start you attracting abundance in all forms. It will expand your wealth consciousness and help you start manifesting the abundance you want with simple, easy exercises.

Here are some of the things we will cover in the 14 Days:

  • 1.

    How to create an abundance bowl

  • 2.

    How to do affirmations

  • 3.

    Written affirmations

  • 4.

    You are more abundant that you think exercise

  • 5.

    Increase your awareness of your thoughts and feelings

  • 6.

    Gratitude practice

  • 7.

    Count-up exercise

  • 8.

    Money visualisation

  • 9.

    Future diary work

  • 10.

    Wealth consciousness game

  • 11.


  • 12.

    Act as if exercise

  • 13.


  • 14.

    Keeping your focus exercises

  • 15.

    Attraction exercise

BONUS: You get an invite to join my Mystic Moon Group where some of my paid clients hang out.  You can ask questions, share your abundance windfalls and get support.  It is so beneficial mixing with likeminded people.

Sounds great doesn't it?  It certainly will give you amazing results if you follow the simple steps.

I ran a 5-day challenge like this and the results were incredible. So imagine what it will be like after 14 days!


These are the manifesting routines I do daily to create the life I love.

"Paid for itself over and over again"

Still future journalling, writing and reciting affirmations and visualising my intention. My abundance bowl is nearly full 🤑 can't wait to count what's inside. Made friends with my finances and money in general. Try to use cash instead of debit card. Joined the Abundance Club last night. Finding the number 5 is occurring often in the form of finding many 5 pence pieces, bus numbers etc. Angel number 5 means positive change is or is about to happen. So all in all, I feel that the abundance course has paid for itself over and over again every day 😇xx

" it"

Had a surprise when I looked in my bank account... had a tax rebate..Still journaling. Affirmations and meditations. Have my universe app going off hourly.. love it.

"So thank you Amanda, it really does work"

Amazing!! Ten days ago I didn't have the financial means to do this course & every time that I saw Amanda's post I just ignored it! However, on the last night I was searching for nursery rhythms for my grandson on YouTube & there was Amanda's post! An hour later, looking for something else & the same post pops up again!! I felt that the Angels were sending me a message!! I had to pawn a sentimental item to do this. However, I was given a table & chairs, which I up cycled & my daughter's friend fell in love with it & offered me a wonderful amount of money!! So, I have enough to buy my item back, pay my next instalment & have enough left over for my son in law & granddaughter's birthday!! So thank you Amanda, it really does work xxx


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