Manifesting Blueprint Programme

This programme will be starting again on 22 June, to reserve your spot book now as all places will sell out.

Philippa Clark has got 16 NEW CLIENTS IN 5 WEEKS since starting the MANIFESTING BLUEPRINT

2016 was the most incredible year for me in all areas of my life.  

I moved home, got a hot tub, 2 Apple computers, dishwasher, dining chairs, garden furniture, office chair, got a free cruise, free wardrobe, free crystal glasses, free spectacles, paid for 8 of us to go away, paid off my overdraft and credit cards, lent money to others and many others things.  

I manifested dates, fantastic new neighbour and friend, employed a cleaner and gardener. Increased my health and experienced inner peace on a whole new level.  If you have been following my work you will have seen the posts and blogs.

I'm not telling you this to brag, but to tell you that you can achieve whatever you want when you follow my Blueprint Programme.

Check out what has happened for people in the first group.

Release all that is not serving you and 

learn to set intentions to master your manifesting.

  • 1.

    Is your manifesting just not working out?

  • 2.

    Do you know what you want to manifest but no matter how hard you try it never happens?

  • 3.

    Do you understand the Law of Attraction but don't know where you are going wrong?

  • 4.

    Are you sick of trying so hard and it just isn't happening?

  • 5.

    Do you want my personal help?

Then my Manifesting Blueprint Programme can help


We all manifest as naturally as breathing but when you start to do it consciously it becomes very powerful.

We all also have these pesky blocks. Just when you think you have cleared one another one pops up and holds you back.

My programme will cover all you need to know and understand about working with the Law of Attraction and clearing your blocks, fears and limiting beliefs.

To enable you to quickly manifest the life you want - in love, work, business, health, finances, family - the choice really is yours.

It also covers how to receive, as it is not just about asking for something and expecting it to turn up, it is about allowing.


Introducing the Law of Attraction

If you've never come across the Law of Attraction, then think of it as 'like attracts like'. What you think about, and most importantly feel, is what you will experience in your life. The Universe is a mirror reflecting it all back to you.

I am sure you have heard of this though. And if you are anything like I was, it worked for some things and not for others. That is because we have blocks and limiting beliefs standing in our way and we need to clear them. I will show you how.

You can be forgiven for thinking life is hard, 

but honestly it shouldn't be as hard as we often make it.

The thing is, we get in our own way.  

We block the abundance that is ready and waiting to come to us.

We all have a BLUEPRINT this is the stories we tell ourselves based on what we have experienced or what we hear or see.  

This creates our beliefs which becomes our reality.  The good news is you can re-write your BLUEPRINT.

If you have wanted to work 1:1 with me but not been able to do it, this will be perfect for you.

This is why I have created a very special 


That can put an end to blocks and limiting beliefs 

and re-write your BLUEPRINT

My MANIFESTING BLUEPRINT is a simple process that will help you work out where you are now and why.  What beliefs you currently have.  Then we work out what you want in all areas of your life.  We clear your blocks and create a new BLUEPRINT to get your there. 

The great thing is, you can use it time and time again on any area of your life.  

Trust me, we are all a work in progress and even when you have re-written your BLUEPRINT you might want to change again in the future, new goals will come along that you will need to align to. 

With this group online programme you will be to re-write your BLUEPRINT as many times as you like.

You didn't come here to struggle, stress and pay bills.  

Make it easy for yourself.  

About the 'Best Year So Far' Blueprint Programme

  • 1.

    It is a 12-week programme with a weekly Live session - up to 90 minutes in length

  • 2.

    There is a work book for each session

  • 3.

    The Live sessions will be run on Zoom so you get to see and speak to me directly

  • 4.

    Can't attend Live? No problem, you can watch the replay in your own time

  • 5.

    There will be a private Facebook group for extra support and connection during the programme where you can ask questions and I will be in there to answer them for you.

BONUS: When you sign up you will receive my Vision Board Manual (PDF) absolutely FREE.

PLUS - a life questionnaire to get you really clear on what you want from all areas of your life.


This programme is for you if......

  • 1.

    You want my personal help with your manifesting

  • 2.

    You are ready to clear your blocks

  • 3.

    You want to work in a group and get extra support from like-minded people

  • 4.

    You want to advance fast with your manifesting

  • 5.

    You are tired of things just not working out

  • 6.

    You know you deserve more

  • 7.

    You know what you want but you are struggling to get it

  • 8.

    You want to learn about the Law of Attraction

  • 9.

    You want to learn how to receive your abundance


This programme is NOT for you if......

  • 1.

    You don't want to try something new

  • 2.

    You struggle with change

"I can't recommend Amanda's work high enough"

I can’t recommend Amanda’s work high enough. I have seen huge shifts and overcome many blockages which I didn’t even know existed. After struggling to find my way I have now launched my own business and have experienced huge spiritual development that has led me to writing my first book.

Helen Owen

Are you ready to get rid of your blocks and start living the life you want?

The Manifesting Blueprint Group Programme Starts 

Thursday 22nd June at 3 pm 

UK Time running for 12 weeks





£597 (inc. VAT) for the 12-week programme



Alternatively there is a payment plan available:

£199 (inc. VAT) per month for 3 months


These are the recent testimonials and statistics from the people who completed the Blueprint in April.

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